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Had a good time last night at the Harrisburg Senators vs Hartford Yard Goats. The Nationals sent 3 players to rehab for the Senators and I managed to get 2 of the 3, as well as almost the rest of the entire team.

1/2 Daniel Murphy
4/4 Taylor Gushue
1/1 Logan Darnell
2/2 Dan Gamache
1/1 Kelvin Gutierrez
2/2 Matt Grace
1/4 Drew Ward
2/7 Daniel Johnson
2/4 Adam Brett Walker II
1/1 Osvaldo Abreu
2/2 Michael Tejera
2/2 Derek Self

2/2 Drew Ward
3/3 Daniel Johnson
1/3 Adam Brett Walker II
6/6 Jeff Ames
3/3 Ismael Guillon
2/2 Jefry Rodriguez
4/8 Forrest Wall
1/1 Mylz Jones
1/2 Sam Hilliard

Fun time and looking forward to going back tonight!

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