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Pulled a doubleheader today; Senators vs Yard Goats for the morning game and Road Warriors vs Bees of the Atlantic League for the night game. Did pretty well all in all

Yard Goats:
1/1 Sam Hilliard
1/1 Craig Schlitter
1/1 Brendan Rodgers
1/1 Brian Mundell
2/2 Scott Burcham
2/4 Peter Lambert
1/1 Marc Magliaro
1/1 Logan Cozart
1/1 Dom Nunez

3/3 Adam Brett Walker II

Also got my photos by Ward, Abreu, and Gushue signed from the previous night, and a handful of the rest of the Senators on my team sheet. Good series all in all, got the whole team and 2 rehabbing players.

For the night game,

Road Warriors:
4/4 Gustavo Pierre
1/4 Alfredo Silverio
4/4 Chris Rivera
3/3 Giovanni Soto
1/1 Luis Cruz

Those were the only 5 players on the team I had cards of. Altoona comes to town this weekend and I have a lot for them so looking forward to it, have a nice weekend everyone!

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