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Originally Posted by mrchipz View Post
if i bid on or buy an item i look at the total price including shipping to judge how much i am gonna pay.

if some one is selling a Jordan rc for $500 + $5 shipping or $5 + $500 shipping it is the same thing to me.

Now, on the otherhand if i buy a card for $10 with s/h charges of $5 and it comes standard i ding the dsr's. that really all you can do
I bought something off a member here lastnight for $21. This shipping charges on $21 is $16. I simply didnt notice it. Ill take the Non paying bidder and justify my reasons for it.

Im just sick and tired of paying shipping charges that dont even come close to the actual charges. ITs a fraud in my opinion

I think I won a total of $72 last week. But I paid close to $66 in shipping. What is killing me is that the seller is NOT willing to work with me on this.
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