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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
I bought something off a member here lastnight for $21. This shipping charges on $21 is $16. I simply didnt notice it. Ill take the Non paying bidder and justify my reasons for it.

Im just sick and tired of paying shipping charges that dont even come close to the actual charges. ITs a fraud in my opinion

I think I won a total of $72 last week. But I paid close to $66 in shipping. What is killing me is that the seller is NOT willing to work with me on this.
In your original scenario you paid for a service that was not provided. I would have no problems dinging a star there unless the seller could provide a valid explanation. However it's an entirely different scenario when it was your fault you didn't see the charges.

Think of it this way. If I'm the seller and I state in my auctions that intl shipping is $xx to cover Paypals required tracking procedures, and then after winning the auction the buyer is asking me to lower the charges (and basically not pay to track it) wouldn't that raise a red flag to you? Hmmm..this buyer wants me to send it cheap so he can file an INR on me, and I'll be out the card and the money. (not implying you would, but as a seller I would not agree to alter the terms of my auction after it has already been ended)

If you pay $16 for shipping and it arrives with $2 in stamps on then by all means you have a right to be pi$$ed, but it wasn't the sellers fault you didn't look at the charges.
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