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Originally Posted by poppincurbs View Post
Címon man now is when theyíll need us more than ever. Jeter inherited a dumpster fire that loses 50 million a year, we knew moves were coming and the easiest way to slash payroll is to move Stantonís 25 million/year. We werenít winning with him, and people werenít going to the games anyway...

It sucks, but you gotta understand it from a business perspective. Iím just gonna enjoy watching the young guys and seeing Jeter work this out over the next few years. He HATES losing, I have full faith in him to turn it around, it just takes time and unpopular decisions at times.

Glad to see Big G go to the AL/Yanks, big win for baseball.

When the sale of the Marlins went thru...the buying group also inherited $400 million in debt. They need to rebuild the system completely financially and prospect wise.

Derek Jeter was spotted in Batavia (Marlins Short season) this past August looking at the facility (old graveyard) and the prospects.

We know a lot of Marlins minor league players and there were a lot of things going on that the players and their managers didn't like...the biggest being the Marlins hitters were under direct orders not to swing at a pitch until they had a called strike on them.

The other teams knew this and their pitchers would throw a get me over 80 mph fastball to get ahead in the count. Now the hitters would see nothing but offspeed the rest of the at bat. It's hard enough to hit when you have 3 strikes to work with. Now tell these young kids to be successful with 1 strike on you and you're behind in the count. They ruined players confidence and took their aggressiveness with the bat out of their hands.

There needs to be a full rebuild of the system and the players'll happen but it's gonna take a few years.
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