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Originally Posted by calculusdork View Post
Must ... go back to Toysrus ... and get ... that last 2010 Chrome rack pack ...

Seriously, I was just there not 2 hours ago, noticed they had one of these on the shelf marked down to $3.99 ... but I just finished completing my 2010 TC base set and have no need to buy any more of the super-warped stuff, even at that price.

All that said ... man, what a heckuva find you had!
I'd say so. Like I posted, I would have been happy with the Stras and Heyward but the Stanton was just awesome. Probably nicer than the 15 I have purchased. I'm not sure I can recommend going back to TRU and picking it up but if it was anything like either of mine you never know. They are usually junk.
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