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flipped through it at the shop. i have strict policy of not getting involved in company cash grab crossovers anymore ever since the civil turd storyline. they just annoy me and they never really mean anything as much as they want you to think they do. marvel is the worst with this.

anyway what bugs me is that spider man is acting really parkery in this storyline, his dialogue and uniform are all parker, yet in the superior tie in he's otto and in his new costume.

then look at this preview for issue 2 and tell me this isn't parker.
Newsarama | Will There Be Answers in AGE OF ULTRON #2? [Preview] Page 5

it's just super sloppy, and has no continuity, i've heard some people say this is a alternate reality storyline which really wouldn't shock me, but this whole thing just screams sloppy cash grab to me.

unless parker gets his body back sometime during this storyline and that's why he is parker in the ultron books and otto in the superior
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