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Default Weekly Update (8/8/2008


Heres whats going on in the Market this week:

We have 4 releases this week but the only one that matters for our Sportscardnation is 2008 Donruss Threads Football. This is a product with a track record along with a product with content. Our recommendation is to follow it closely. The week of release is almost always the weakest time as products change hands. Like buying stocks, you want to buy on the dips. If this product takes a dip, we at SCN believe that you will see some nice price appreciation going into the 2008 FB season. The past few years have yielded $90-$100 box prices on Donruss Threads FB after it drys up. This year should be the same with similar if not better content.

As for the rest of the market: 2008 Bowman Baseball is on fire. For some reason, it just shot up like crazy this week. We had mentioned in the past that we saw this coming but not to this magnitude. Jumbos took the jump about 3 weeks ago from $80-$105. Now the hobby went from $55-$65 and may be heading to $75 a box. Another big mover this week was 2008 Topps Chrome football. Its all about the NFL the next 6 months and the preseason has everyone hyped up. 2008 Topps Chrome FB was a easy prediction when it was around the $650 mark. Most of our members could have picked that one but kudos to those who actually threw their money into the presells and made money. We at SCN think the train does not stop at $700-$750. When the season starts, this will be a $900 case.

The money play this week is 2007/08 UD Exquisite Basketball. We feel very strongly that those who get in now in the $1425-$1475 range will be rewarded when this product drys up. Excellent overall content and alot of great pulls plus a fresh Basketball season coming up. Exquisite Basketball has never been a better value in this price range and there are enough high end repeat buyers to dive this case back up to $1600-$1700+ in the next 3 months. When distributors and wholesalers are out, watch it move quickly.

2007/08 The Cup HK, 2008 Topps A & G BB, 2008 Topps Triple Threads BB are all moving well and all 3 break well. You are in the cycle now where prices move down right after release. The weak hands and dealers who need money flip out and the smart money holds on to reap the profits down the line. Its hard to hold product when you see prices falling but the key is to keep a focus on the content. Products with true content will almost always come back 90% of the time. Some products take 1 month and some products take 6 months to dry up but products that are loaded will come back strong when they dry up. Thats the focus of today. We at SCN want to list for you the products that we know 100% are loaded breaks based on what we have seen and also from the feedback from members. These are the products that will move higher. There will always be skeptics out there that may bash us at the moment but put this email aside and revisit it 3 months from now and like a reportcard, see where we stand. We are confident that our predictions based on value, price, content and production will be profitable for many of you who invest rather than collect.

The following are products that compared to todays current market prices will move higher in 2-3 months.

2008 Press Pass SE FB
2008 UD Draft Edition FB
2008 Topps Chrome FB
2008 Donruss Threads FB
2008 Playoff Prestige FB
2008 Topps JUMBO FB
2008 UD Heroes FB
2007 UD SP Authentic FB
2008 Topps Allen Ginter BB
2008 Topps Triple Threads BB
2008 UD Piece of History BB
2008 Bowman Chrome BB
2008 Topps Chrome BB
2008 Bowman BB
2007/08 UD the Cup HK
2007/08 OPC Premier HK
2008/09 UD Series 1 HK
2008/09 UD Artifacts HK
2007/08 UD Exquisite Basketball
2007/08 UD Premier Basketball
2007/08 UD Ultimate Collection Basketball
2008 Razor Signature Cuts
2008 Razor Oval Office

We have updated the website at WWW.SPORTCARDNATION.COM with a ton of new Product and Manufacturer updates this week.

This week at SCN, we have reviewed the following products. Many of these products have just come live TODAY! Our goal is to give you the most up to date website for market conditions and information in the HOBBY!

2008/09 UD Victory Hockey
2008 UD Hobby Football
2008 Topps Stadium Club Football

Looking into NEXT WEEK, the following products are Tentatively Scheduled to be Reviewed:

2008 Press Pass ELVIS "BY THE NUMBERS"
2008 UD SPX Football
Blowouts Resident Wade Boggs Super Collector
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