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Originally Posted by pskell02 View Post
Bohica read his post again. At the very end he says "So we were very lucky."

I agree that the value is just not there in the product, but no need to go off on jbs about what he posted.
Yea and also the guy before said he doesn't know anybody who made ahead of the case, well people who get good 1/1 cards that pay for the case do. You have to remember, that for high end products if you do not get 1 huge card, your case will get you back 50% if you are lucky. Look at UD products, they stink. I still agree with this post, this product will go down to $2600 at blowoutcards (which has a sell for under $2700 this week as they are panicking) and once everything dried up and there are lots of those good 1/1s missing the case will go up to 3K. 2007 Topps Sterling price dropped like crazy cause all of the hot 1/1s and bat barells were gone in a few months, unless in the first couple of months all of the hots cards are pulled, then once the big guys start running out of these cards, and fleabay stops getting polluted with a lot of TTT auctions, it will go back up.
Remember this is a hobby, name 1 product where when you bust the case it yeilds a profit? None of them do, a good case is something that gives you over 50% of your money back and on a good break you get your money back and on a sweet pull you make up for a couple of cases.
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