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Originally Posted by otmack2o View Post
Ahh, the stipulations have changed... OK, how about Bowman Sterling? Is that high end to you?
If $60 a pack MSRP isn't high end, then this hobby is going nuts. Of course it is high end, but that is one where over the course of time you have a decent chance to make your money back.

As for products that you can be guaranteed to make money on, there are none, but if you take an educated guess you can do pretty well. I've only lost on two products in the past three years, 2007 Topps Chrome Baseball and 2005-06 Ultra hockey.

I totally missed Topps Chrome Baseball. I bought Ultra too high.

Its getting harder now, but look at the content of the products and you can pretty much tell if its a dog.

Example: 2008-09 Ultra. Dog. Only one autograph instead of eight in a case like last year, best inserts in retail (again!) and game used is worthless in this product. Will have SP rookies, but no one real good will be in anything but the redemption set, just like last year. I wouldn't touch this product at $400 a case, let alone what it is going for... I hope UD spices it up, I have an insider who told me they were going to, but I'll have to see it to believe it.

2008-09 OPC. Dog. One autograph a case and a real cruddy rookie lineup. No redemptions, so they may be planning a rookie update this year, but that is no reason to do this set. The parallel set could save it, but I hope they throw a few bigger names in that rookie lineup. (FYI, 2007-08's checklist went from great to terrible, so they could improve it too.)

2008 Topps Chrome Football. Winner. Has a track record of going to $900-1000 a case by November, every year. Is this year's rookie class as good as 2007? No. But it may be as good as 2006, and that should push this. Plus its a set that most collectors do every year, so that will help as well.

Don't just go by what or KD says, its your dollar, you figure out what you want to do. I do Topps Chrome baseball every year. I lost last year, and I probably lost this year, but its the set I do every year so I don't really care.

I did Score football last year and made a mint. I skipped it this year because I don't need to do this to make money any more, but you can if you want to on this one.

There are products out there you can still break for profit. Generally you should pay less than $700 a case for it unless it has Bowman and or Chrome or O-Pee-Chee in its name. Use your brains people! You will have more money to spend on the hobby.
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