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If you got $$$ it is awesome. I've been to Disney world and universal studios each many times. I like the allstar hotels. As for what to do in the parks, the best attractions are (not counting roller coasters because I'm scared like a little girl):
MK-Mickeys Philharmagic
MK-Haunted Mansion
MK-Jungle Cruise (cheesy but classic)
MK-Tiki Room (see jungle cruise)
MK-It's a small world
MK-Monsters Inc Laugh Floor (new and awesome)

HS-Lights, Motors, Action
HS-Tower of Terror
HS-Great Movie Ride
HS-Toy Story Mania

Epcot-Only went once, best thing was soarin

US-Simpsons, Dissaster, Twister, T2 3D, Animal Actors
IOA-Poseidons Fury, Spiderman
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