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Default 1/1 Plates, Autos, Sketch Lot

Hodge podge of different hits from a variety of products. Only available as a lot.

Please note that I reside in Canada, so shipping will take longer to the US, averaging 10-15 business days via Airmail from my location. If you cannot work within that time frame please do not purchase from me, I live in Northern Alberta and cannot guarantee a faster transit time even though I ship out promptly.

Large lots get processed as parcels which typically costs me between $15-25.00 depending on size which I have to take into account with my prices. Smaller lots get processed as packets, costing $4-12.00

Lot 1
Everything pictured is included, details:

Marvel Captain America 1/1 Printing Plate Magenta #P-12
Marvel Beginnings 1/1 Printing Plate Yellow #136
Marvel Beginnings Gerry Conway Autograph w/ COA
Marvel Beginnings Sketch
Marvel Thor Sketch x 2
Marvel Captain America Sketch
Topps Star Wars Galaxy 7 Sketch
Rittenhouse James Bond Bogdan Kominowski Autograph
Rittenhouse Heroes Archives Doyle Memorabilia

Lot 2: Iron Man 2 Costume/Memorabilia Lot (15)

These were all recently pulled by me in a large bulk purchase of over 5,000 loose packs. Because they were not in sealed boxes, some of these memorabilia cards have minor chipping and flaws, a common problem. Price takes this into consideration.
3 x IMC-1 Tony Stark (racing suit)
2 x IMC-2 Nick Fury (black leather? jacket)
3 x IMC-9 Tony Stark (Pinstripe with pattern)
3 x IMC-6 Whiplash (stripes)
1 x IMC-7 Jim "Rhodey" Rhodes
1 x IMC-8 Justin Hammer
1 x IMC-10 Jim "Rhodey" Rhodes
1 x IMC-11 Justin Hammer

These new lots will also include a few bonus cards each, autos or memorabilia.

Both lots sold to lancgamecock. Thank you!!

Lot 3
$80.00 DLVD
Everything pictured is included:

Lot 4
$80.00 DLVD
Everything pictured is included:

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