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Originally Posted by kajshack View Post
I think you misunderstood my post. I was specifically talking about exchanges like this (which are extremely common on this board):

Seller: "I have X card for sale. $100 dlvd OBO"
Me: "Would you take $90 for it?"
Seller: "Sure, send gift payment to x@x .com."
Me: I don't send gift"
Seller: "Then could you kick in $8 to cover the fees and delivery?"

I see what ur saying, and you raise a good point, and as long as buyers continue to "ask for gift payments" this will be a issue, Mabye a rule on this site should be NO GIFT Payment requests allowed. if they are asking for 8 dollars to cover fees and deliv then that is also rediculas. (i would say for a 90 dollar card fees and shipping wont be over 2.50-3.50 (even with insurance)

Regardless All Listings Should be listed As IF they are Regular Payments through Paypal, and it can be at the Buyers discretion to use gift if they want to give the seller a break because they have done some deals with them in the past, the seller should never request it though.
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