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Default Tips & Ideas on how to handle high dollar transactions (TRADES) & not get ripped off!

Hey guys. Lately we've seen quite a few higher dollar scams rolling through here, and in the interest of protecting the members I took some time out to think about the best ways to stop one and done scams. Here is a list of tools to help keep you from being scammed by donkeys who like to rip people off.

1. When trading anything high dollar ( I would say 50+ dollars or 100+) then use a middle man.This is hands down the best way to get a high dollar transaction done, and require the middle man to make a video of both items coming in for verification should there be an issue later.

This person would receive the card from both parties and then ship out to both parties. It takes longer, but is well worth it, and I would only use this option with people with a 100+ feedback rating that both people trust. Just pay for the guy to ship for you on both ends and maybe a card for his trouble and everyone is happy.

2. Make a video. I only have had a few high dollar transactions both here and on ebay, and those times I showed the card going into the package along with the front and back of the card in the video, along with the mailing address of where it is going. This way should a problem arise you at least have some sort of evidence. It's not much really, but it may help a dispute.

3. NEVER erase PM's until your transaction is complete. Also if you have not already done so then link your PM's to your email so that should you want to erase your PM's for some reason you still have a record of the transaction.

4. Always Insure it. If it's over 50 bucks in my opinion it needs insurance. Some people here can't afford it so the few bucks is worth it rather than getting the shaft. bottom line: DON'T BE CHEAP. It's only a few dollars and 99% of us have that or we wouldn't be here. Even if you know the member your package can get lost in the mail so insure it no matter what.

5. Get signature confirmation. Another way to further protect yourself. If the guy signed for it he will have a hard time explaining that he didn't get it.

6. Great idea provided by Tyler: Use a hologram sticky over your top loader to protect against switching of cards. If thee hologram is broken you got had. Here is a link provided by Tyler.

7. Great idea added by iluvfish2: Communicate in a PROFESSIONAL manner. It's a trade or sale so although many of us become friends, it's still a transaction and should be treated as such. Bad communication= bad deal.

8. Consider other means of protecting yourself. The last few scams got me to thinking about ways to protect myself from scammers. I am currently looking into bar codes. It looks like you can get them pretty cheap and possibly may protect you further.

9. Added by SJ Scout: If you do not know the person, try to finalize the trade over the telephone. ( this assures your not talking with a 12 year old and also gives you future contact info)

10. Added by SJ Scout: Tell them you would like their actual email address to confirm.

11. Added by SJ Scout: it doesnt hurt to get facebook info....even add them as a friend....can't hurt.

You can never fully protect yourself from thieves as they are everywhere, but I hope these things help you in making better high end deals. I just get mad when anyone here gets ripped off. Steams me up.

If you have ideas post them in this thread and lets bump it often to remind people to follow good trading practices.


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