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Congratulations to Michael's Team on winning it all!

He'll be walking away with the 1st place prize of $400.

In the money finishers:

1st place: $400 Michael's Team (ironmike1229)
2nd place: $325 Carnivale (xbignick)
3rd place: $175 Nikki's revenge (mmier118)

While it's unlikely there's any stat corrections that can change the placement there are some close games in the leagues I ran so all payouts will go out Friday just to be safe. Once it's in your account you're free to receive it (or keep it in there) as you please. Leaguesafe just released the money for assignment today so that gives me time to confirm the names that will get money anyway.

I believe Michael's is Ellen R., Carnivale is me, and Nikki's is Mike M.

1st place please confirm since in the other leagues you paid under Michael but under Ellen here.

I'll leave feedback for everyone: non-winners tonight and the winners after everything goes smooth with you getting your money. I hope everyone had fun whether you won or lost, was a really odd year fantasy football-wise but I probably say that every year. I'll probably run leagues again on here next year but not sure 100% (might even switch back to cards), will have to see how things are going.

Thanks again everyone for a smooth year and congratulations again to the winners.
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