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Default The MMBTVS Free Group Break

As many of you know I pulled one of the best possible cards out of this years Topps Finest Football and it sold for $4650 through a consignment. After all is said and done, I walk with around $4200. And after a waiting period to avoid a chargeback, I should finally have the money in the next ten days or so.

Anyway, I got some great help from some members of the forum when it came to selling it, so I have decided to give back to them, and some more of this community by following in Houdini's footsteps and having my first ever free group break. I'm going to run it by team, and I'm going to allow 16 total slots in it. Each person will get a pc team and a random team.

Myself, jlzinck, wilsonvaldez, pskell02, tamar3504, and iluvfish2 are going to get automatic slots. That is going to leave ten slots available to everyone else. Here is how I'm going to pick the last ten slot holders: You're going to fill out the slot application I have posted below and post it in this thread. Sometime before the cases come in (yes I said cases) I'll choose from all the applications received between myself and some guest judges. This will end without notice, so do not wait to submit an entry. Decisions based on entries will not be based solely on join date, post count, and itrader.

Break Participants:
MMBTVS/Ilovethelakings - Giants/Chiefs
jlzinck - Patriots/Chargers
wilsonvaldez - Eagles/Broncos
pskell02 - Steelers/Seahawks
tamar3504 - Bears/Titans
iluvfish2 - Lions/Saints
mmorris1581 - Redskins/Falcons
Cromartie3145 - Ravens/Colts
da9ersin07 - 49ers/Jaguars
Clarka3 - Bengals/Bills (Bills to Tajikey)
oldgoldy97 - Vikings/Browns
jimssouvenirs - Panthers/Cardinals
Oilngo - Rams/Jets
nephinfan - Dolphins/Texans (Texans to JosieDively)
tolrobb - Packers/Bucs
catfishhedberg - Cowboys/Raiders (Raiders to Hester72598 & The700Level)
The700Level - All base

REMINDER any teams given away not by me, the giver is responsible for getting the cards to the recipient

Order has been placed:

Here is what we will be breaking:

[1] 2012 Topps Finest Football Hobby Box
[1] 2010 Topps Finest Football Hobby Box
[1] 2009 Topps Mayo Football Hobby 8 Box Case
[1] 2008 Leaf Limited Football Hobby 8 Box Case
[1] 2007 Donruss Elite Football Hobby Box
[4] 2011 Panini Crown Royale Football Hobby Box
[2] 2009 Upper Deck SP Signature Football Hobby Box

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