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Default I did it...I finally did it!!!

Well, as you guys know, I'm a HUGE Nate Davis collector. (If you didn't know do now.) I've been working on completing as many 'Rainbows' of Nate Davis from this year's products. Well, I completed Topps Chrome a few months ago...and now...I've finally finished SP Authentic.

First...4 color patch /999

Next...4 color Super-patch auto /99

Then...a 4 color patch auto /25

And then...a 3 color patch auto /5

And without further ado...THE 1/1 NFL Logo Patch/Auto of Nate Davis.

(Yes, unfortunately the card does have some damage, but came out of the packs that way and I know UD wouldn't be able to just replace it, so I'll just take it as it is.)

Slowly rebuilding my HOF collection.
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