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Default Blowout Mafia Fantasy Football league free with prize

I've decided to host a Fantasy football league this year on Blowout (league will be hosted using with only cool ass people in it so we can all have a good time. It will be free to join, and I will put up a prize for the team that wins the whole shebang. Most likely a box split with me jzinck style.

Send me a pm if you are interested, and if you don't suck (or I might just not know who you are) I will send you the sign up info for the league.

Currently the draft is set up for tomorrow night at 9pm est, but if enough people could not make that I would change it to an auto draft.

EDIT: Switching league to an auto draft that will be held as soon as the league is full. This will keep everyone on a level playing field. I expect plenty of smack talk all around.

Everyone please try to be signed up sometime today.

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