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Originally Posted by Rare23air83 View Post
I've gotten a lot of messages about you because of all this. It's quite interesting really and because you're so easy to call someone out and call them frauds without any evidence or proof... I thought it's only fair the shine some light about you and your validity in any of your posts. I was sent this information by someone I will not mention. Your history is VERY interesting to say the least.

"This is to inform collectors about SportsItUpCards, so you can make your own decisions about him. All I am doing is providing the members here with some information that I came up with by doing a bit of research. So, if there are some discrepancies below, I apologize and please correct me.

On he has had 3 user ID's which all have been banned:
GeorgeMikan - banned
SportsItUpCards - banned
Elgin Baylor - banned

One of the reasons why he was banned is because he got caught shilling/bidding on one of his own eBay auctions (Dave Debusschere autograph jersey card) while using the name hobbykings, then using a different shilling account of jvitale1998 to bid on his own auction. Once he got caught he then changed his eBay ID from hobbykings to sportsitupcards. He also used the site's logo and had multiple accounts. Here is the thread on the Debusschere shilling - scroll down to the 7th post and further on down: :: View topic - Seriously getting tired of all this shilling!!!

His eBay ID's that he uses are:
cigpal (private)
jvitale1998 (private)

On Collectors Universe Message Boards he was also banned 3 times:
SportsItUpCards - banned
HobbyKings - banned
EB22 (Elgin Baylor) - banned

Scroll down to the 8th post:
Collectors Universe Forums - The Official Basketball HOF Autographs Thread

According to Huperoyalty, he is a also a member at beckett: sportsitupcards, ozcardtrader: basketball, and fredomcardboard: gio. The following link provides a list of his known user ID's, scroll down to #7:
MICHAEL JORDAN Collectors, Buyers, Sellers, Traders, Detractors and Enthusiasts Around The Globe and Online HUPE ROYALTY: MICHAEL JORDAN EDITION

Again, I'm merely providing you with information I gathered from different forums with the help of a few members. With this information you can make your own assumptions about him and whether or not to take his posts and comments with a grain of salt."

If you're honest and rational, why on earth would you be banned so many times on so many places? And history of shilling? I also heard you have that SORE mentality with all Jordan cards because you used to have some in the past that only sold for a few hundred bucks, and that's why you think they should stay at the same selling price even now. Just because they've exponentially rose in the past few years, you think it's invalid? I don't know man... that sounds like jealousy and being butt-hurt that you missed out on the value rise to make good profit. I mean c'mon. Look at your sig. You're saying ALLLLLLLL Jordan card business is shady and being shilled. That has GOT to be one of the most ignorant statements I've heard.

Look Giovanni... you're entitled to your own opinions about anything. But don't be too haste to call ALL Jordan buyers and sellers fakes and fraud. That's just unreasonable.
Got any info on me? Im banned at your favorite sissy site HK. What possible lies are there about me? Ive heard everything from being a scammer to eating caviar in st petersburg with the czars!!
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