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Originally Posted by SportsItUpCards View Post
No no no, for you to come here with the "help" of a bunch of scam artists and scum bags, and make up things to try and prove I don't know... What was your point? Why are you and/or them so desperate? and why am I the center of the Jordan scam world for busting people like you and them? Are my points that good that I pinch a nerve with you and them? Why am I so good in your eyes? That's what I don't get. I must be a real pain in the ass huh. I'm surprised you didn't put how many hairs I have on...................

I'm trying to get into your thought process right now and see what's going on in there. Yes i'm good at exposing frauds and I will continue to do it... Period end of story.
First off, none of this would have even happened if you weren't so haste in calling me a fraud and a liar. You could have asked me questions and I could have answered them. But you came out very negative and called names from the get go.

My point? My point is that your closed mind and ignorant comments about calling me and everyone else Jordan oriented being frauds and scam artists is just plain stupid. You're good at exposing frauds like me? How so? How did you prove I am a scam artist? By just yellin them out over and over?

I've never asked ANYONE for help. I don't need any because I have all the proof I need for myself. It's just that more people are coming out and messaging me with things they've always wanted to share about your "shady" business and validity of your posts and activity on forums. :: View topic - Anybody know SportsItUpCards?

is right.
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