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Originally Posted by Qwasian View Post
if you read my posts I already said it was an impossible situation to begin with, there is no proving this situation, it's pointless to try.

if someone sells a computer monitor for 5,000 you say, I just don't believe it, because it's not normal, it's not consistant with the rest of the market, and doesn't make any sense, so people just don't believe it, reguardless of why it happened or what the evidence is.

honestly if I had sold the card, I would not have mentioned it at all, it's obvious it's sure to bring negative attention, lets get real about it, people stab each other over $180 jordan concords and you think and 18k sale is going to just move smooth along? c'mon man..... lets get back to real life here.

Originally Posted by SportsItUpCards View Post

To me, and i'm sure to many others, it's BS, period.

I can tell you that I sold my friends a card all day long, and for what price they paid... I can even send them money and cards, but does that mean it was a real sale?

It's a big ring filled with lots and lots of scum. But one day they'll slip up like they have many times before in the past. Every time we have good proof, threads get deleted... what else is new.
Do you not see the point? You can believe or not believe all you want. I don't care about that. It doesn't change the money I received and the card I sold. The results are the same. But, just because YOU find it hard to believe it being a legitimate sale, doesn't make it right to say I'm scam artist and a fraud making up fake sales. That is just RETARDED.

So if you had a rare Monitor from Apple years ago that is quite hard to obtain now... and a serious Apple collector decided to hit the BIN button for $5k... that's automatically fake? Because its hard for you to believe? Because monitors don't usually sell for that high? Because it's not "normal?" Really? Just look at the thought process of you guys. Again, you can believe it or not... but don't be so damn quick to call them scam artists.

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