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you have said many things in the thread that you admitted to that make you a questionable person anyway? so reguardless of the sale, the way you move really isn't on the level.....

I mean? hey your price fixing right now if truth be told...... you list jordan cards right now with bin's, end them and relist them later in auction, to set the price if someone searches them, and everyone can see that in plain view, you just ended all the cards we were talking about yesterday.... the 2 cards you have up right now you did that with...... and then you have 100% shill style bidders on your cards that don't win.

we can pretty much tell you right now with the 2 auctions you have up now that mysterious buyers will pop up only bidding on your auctions to drive the price up, before it even happens. if not they will sell very low, it's a bin right now for a jordan with better sub grades than yours on this one

1997-98 Topps Chrome REFRACTOR Michael Jordan BGS 9.5

his has zero bids, yours has 3, let me guess this is going to sell for a large amount while his goes unpurchased for the cheaper price, like every other card you sell? lol

get real man........... you got the magic card market touch huh? hahahahahhahaaa

and the other card

Michael Jordan 1996/97 Mystery Finest Borderless Refractor. 1:216

sold from........ YOU GUESSED IT FOLKS...... AUSTRALIA.......... for $110...........
buying Andrew Wiggins, Karl-Anthony Towns, Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston, Amari Cooper, Todd Gurley, Odell Beckham Jr. and Star Player RC bgs slabs.

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