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Originally Posted by Orangejello727 View Post
atleast pm me and let me know what words there are about me? Id like to know so I can put it in my book as im writing my own biography.

I said its your favorite site because you seem to funnel a lot of info from that site to bring over here and use it on the offensive. I mean we all know whatever you are saying about gio is coming from m1000 who ironically is banned here. Hmm I guess being banned from here means hes a scammer too right?
It's definitely not m1000. He hasn't said a word about any of this. Anyways, there's no need for me to post anything of you or anyone else. It's only Gio that's been saying some harsh accusations, cursing, and calling me a scam artist just because he doesn't want to believe the sale and because he has a thing for ANYTHING Jordan oriented.

You even PM'd me and gave me some advice when this whole thing was goin down. I don't like calling people out or even calling them names, so there's no point in doin that to you.
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