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Originally Posted by daxwills View Post
There are (I think) 120 rares in alpha. All have the same print run. So if you feel like doing the math, go for it.

The other thing driving people to do this, graded vintage magic can be big money. Even a common like lightning bolt will get you a nice bit of money. Unlike a lot of products if the deck has been stored properly a large amount of the cards you pull will gem. So basically open carefully, grade everything, sell to set builders.
Thanks daxwills! All the alphas were printed in about the same amount (I've read 1100)...but the black lotus is the one worth the most...because of the card's "power" in the game itself (as you can tell, I know little about the game lol). So if 120 rares and 2 to a starter deck, it's like 1 in 60 chance of pulling the black lotus. The graded market is making it more appealing to open the sealed decks apparently? And 18 of 120 (9 power nine cards, 2 rares in a deck) about 3 out of 20 chance of pulling a power 9 from a starter deck...hmm....
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