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Originally Posted by N3XTLVL View Post
Again im a collector not a flipper. Love the art hate the person.

Nothing wrong with being flipper --- unless you have unlimited funds, your collection will be very limited. With that said, you need to learn to be a flipper so you can have "recycling" funds to support your hobby. Working 9-5 is not going to cut it.

Pick and choose your flipping choices -- since there are ton of options out there. You can choose to go "nickles and dimes" routes, or you can go with "Benjamins" routes.

As for not being such a nice person in person --- "Money talks. BS walk".

(An example of this madness --- a friend from Florida asked me to get him a Neal Adams' Batman sketch and he is willing to spend $200 for it. I can't stand Neal as a person, but for a friend's request and a potential to walk away with $50 or so, I will going to try to get one done. I will only look at this as "found money" opportunity. How can anyone turned away from found money?

But then again, I will never understood why "honest and living paycheck to paycheck" persons would returned a ridiculous amount they just found on the street - and YES, it does happened and they got on the news for it.)
If you can't pay for it in cash, you can't afford it.

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