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Originally Posted by John91C View Post
Give me slots 12, 19, 22
Originally Posted by Anderdale View Post
3 spots please. 7, 11, 12

Do I get first priority for posting for spots in the first thread?
Originally Posted by pico04 View Post
Ill take slot 7 and 25....thanks!
John91C/pico04, Anderdale gets first priority since he posted on my original thread, so Slots 7 and 12 are already taken.

I gave John91C #5 and pico04 #6 unless you want a different number. LMK.

For everyone else that responded to my first thread (JDK16, redsguy, Oilngo, biged_0, S.U.I.Z.I.D.). You are guaranteed the # of spots you posted on the first thread, but I can't promise a particular spot number as we are starting to fill up. I made the exception for Anderdale because it's still early and it was just 1 spot I had to move. Thanks.
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