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Default Pretty amazing stuff.

I really love the new energy and enjoyment that is flooding the sketch card community thanks to these forums. I would like to start a thread that celebrates the best things we can find in this hobby.

I will start with Nar! Everything Sketch Cards

Now keep in mind the fact that the link above is only those sketch cards that have been displayed on sketchcollectors. I would guess that maybe 20%-30% of the cards in circulation are displayed in public. Many collectors keep their stash hidden.

Nar is a pretty amazing story because his career started with sketch cards. He is widely acknowledged as one of the top artists in the game, and I never ever get tired of looking at his stuff.

One more for today, then you guys get to share your own favorites. This link is for Katie Cook, who had a successful career before sketch cards and is now writing the very successful My Little Pony comic book. My favorite page of Cookies looks like this:

katiecandraw's deviantART gallery

Pretty amazing stuff.
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