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Originally Posted by hofcollector2 View Post
So Aaron Rogers is sitting on his as at home and because of that The NFL, is rigged. Lmao, this is good. They must have decent smoke in Ohio.
They must, because I was saying this back in September (which I've linked to already) that this was the drama they were selling this year. I also called the Super Bowl comeback at the beginning of the playoffs last year because Brady was going to "stick it to the man" because that's the story they were pushing last year. So, apparently that gives me some limited pre-cog abilities? Maybe I can convince my wife to go with me and make a couple of bets on the Super Bowl that Brady is going to win with the MVP again, cause that's the story line they seem to be going with this year. I mean, you can't have everybody talking about GOAT if he loses again, right?
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