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Originally Posted by lexus2903 View Post
They could be, but in all honesty for products that have a ton of base the sorting kills me as I have a daughter that will be 1 on friday and most of my spare time is spent with her and these breaks. So the less sorting I have to do the better lol. The base cards normally are given to children hospitals or kids around the block that love getting cards that they normally wouldn't have the money to buy a single pack of some products. To see their smiles and then passing by them with them all gathered around looking through the cards and laughing and having a good time is priceless.
I totally understand about the sorting with you having a child and all. No worries, and its cool that you give them to kids that will appreciate them. I'll only make requests when there is something super specific that I want, wont be many I promise. Especially since I can get base lots pretty cheap on the bay.
Always looking for Red Sox and Patriots!! All cards!!
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