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Originally Posted by zonacats8 View Post
I fully understand that, my point is why would you go through the whole season of keeping up with your team, making changes, and trying to win if you don't know what you're winning value wise, which is why cash is just easy, you know you put in $X and you know you have a chance to win $X $Y $Z
Thats the choice each of us has to make. Myself I would rather lose a $25 card then $25 today.

Originally Posted by mustangjj909 View Post
I'm down to participate in this. Who are you planning to use ESPN format and I suggest that when you have all 10 people ready. You have all 10 of the people put up a scan of the card that they are going to put so everybody sees what it is and agrees on the card so there is no issues at the end before we start everything and you or who ever is commissioner has to make sure that all cards are in good condition because these were the issues that I went thru when I won my league last year.
Pretty much agree with this. Only thing I want to add to this is when the 10 members are known each of us states the card they are offering then send them to the commissioner. The commissioner scans the cards so everyone knows and sees what the prize pool is. Then we agree to a draft time, do a live draft, and play
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