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Default 2011 topps platinum 12-box master team case break

UPDATE!!! Finally, the case is here in beautiful Colorado!!! It will be delivered to my house tomorrow probably around 5 pm, according to past delivery experiences with UPS. Who knows, it could be here sooner. So I plan on the break being busted open at 7 pm MST.

Break will be here -->


Team draftings are now completed!!! Feel free to continue to trade and/or sell teams. All parties involved in transactions must confirm with me for it to be official. Trades and team sells are open up until the hour before the case break. Time of case break is possibly Tuesday (or when it gets here). Time is TBD.

Here is the tracking # vis UPS for our case: UPS: Tracking Information


UPDATE!!! 9/11 @ 8:50 PM ----- WOW!!! That was fast work by the mod, iluvfish2!!! Thanks iluvfish2!!!

So here is the finalized random, as done by iluvfish2.

badsims, please go ahead and make your first selection. Everyone after, please be ready and keep note of what teams have been chosen so there won't be any conflicts. ONCE YOU MAKE YOUR SELECTION, PLEASE PM NEXT PERSON IN LINE TO LET HIM KNOW IT'S HIS TURN!!! Teams are listed below... Transactions may be done during the draft (trades and draft slot sells). Whoever is in the deal must confirm with me. Thanks!

Draft order:

1. badsims -- Cincinnati Bengals
2. ksjackson115 -- Carolina Panthers
3. jpitten -- Atlanta Falcons
4. hester72598 -- New England Patriots
5. tman -- Green Bay Packers
6. pico04 (trade with navydude21) -- Tennessee Titans
7. tman -- New Orleans Saints
8. armyatc22 -- Miami Dolphins
9. hester72598 -- Minnesota Vikings
10. Mystafet -- Jacksonville Jaguars (bought from Jnb0123)
11. reddeer -- San Francisco 49ers (bought from grasshopper)
12. YanksBillsFan -- Denver Broncos
13. bk21yadigg -- Baltimore Ravens
14. tman -- Detroit Lions
15. vikingcollect -- St. Louis Rams
16. jeremyhli -- Dallas Cowboys
17. notsublime -- Arizona Cardinals
18. moestavern10 -- Kansas City Chiefs
19. CGU Sports (trade with pico04 and sold by navydude21) -- Cleveland Browns
20. Prospect_Man -- San Diego Chargers
21. sportsamerica -- Philadelphia Eagles
22. hester72598 -- Indianapolis Colts
23. reddeer -- New York Jets
24. reddeer -- Buffalo Bills (bought from grasshopper)
25. xxmudgexx -- Oakland Raiders
26. bcl1607 -- Washington Redskins
27. ksjackson115 -- New York Giants
28. YanksBillsFan -- Houston Texans
29. notsublime -- Tampa Bay Buccaneers
30. reddeer -- Pittsburgh Steelers
31. notsublime -- Chicago Bears
32. dtrainman -- Seattle Seahawks



Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID # 72Y33791VH227205U)

Business Name:
Blowoutcards Inc. (The recipient of this payment is Verified)


Business Contact Information

Customer Service URL: Blowout Cards - Sports Cards and Trading Cards Wholesale Online Store
Customer Service Email:
Customer Service Phone: 703-421-9145


Amount sent:
-$1,020.00 USD
Fee amount:
$0.00 USD
Net amount:
-$1,020.00 USD


Sep 12, 2011
06:57:19 PDT


You've got money! Order # 138381
Order # 138381 case of 2011 platinum football
Funding Type:
PayPal Balance
Funding Source:
$1,020.00 USD - PayPal Account


Order # 138381

Please send total payments to: (underscore in between pch and 1427). In the subject area, please also leave your BO id so that I know who is sending the payment. PAYMENT DEADLINE IS SUNDAY NIGHT @ 7 PM (MTN STD TIME)!!! Please try to have payments in before the deadline.

When sending a Paypal payment to the host, protect yourself by sending as goods (not gift). If a payment is sent as a "gift", you eliminate your chance of filing a chargeback should the need arise. If possible, fund the payment with a credit card to be fully protected.

Your total payments are listed at the bottom. If there are any mistakes, please let me know ASAP.

Back up slots are also available if anyone drops out.

This will now be a TEAM DRAFT BREAK...

This is for a TEAM DRAFT case break (12 hobby boxes) of the new 2011 Topps Platinum Football.

All base, inserts, and hits will go to the corresponding team on the card(s). If base/insert cards are not wanted by the team owner, they will be donated.

In the event of a hit having multiple teams, a random will be done by the Mod to determine which team owner will receive the card unless owners of players on the card can come to an agreement of splitting profit on eBay after paypal fees.

Players featured with it's respective team jersey will go to that team. For example, Sidney Rice now plays for the Seattle Seahawks, but because he is still featured in his MN Vikings uniform, he will go to the Vikings.

After all slots have been filled and paid, the Mod will randomize all 32 participants to determine the draft order. The participant with the first overall pick will have the first choice of team(s) and we'll work our way until the last person selects his team. The draft will be held before the case is opened.

The case break will be done live on BLOGTV.


**** The price of the case has gone up about $10. So we need to hurry up and fill the rest of the slots. I am considering ordering it ahead of time but just afraid that the slots won't be filled up and then I'll be stuck with a case of cards. But yeah, let's try to fill it up ASAP so I can lock in an order for the case. I'll keep you all updated.****



Price Breakdown:

12 box case of 2011 Topps Platinum Football: $989.85
Direct cost per lot: $989.85/32 teams = $30.9328


Direct cost per lot: $30.93
+ $4 shipping/handling with DC/Supplies ($3 shipping for average of 40 cards each + $1 supplies)
+ $1.37 Paypal Costs (2.9% + .30)
Total cost: $36.30

First lot will be $36 and $34 for additional slots


Configuration: 12 boxes per master case*. 20 packs per box. 5 cards per pack.
* Each master case contains Two 6-box inner cases.

Introducing The Soon-To-Be Top Performing Rookies Of The 2011 NFL Season On Platinum Technology
Each pack contains 4 Topps Platinum Veteran Base cards Plus 1
Chrome Rookie cards.

All-New! On-Card Rookie Autograph Cards
All-New! Rookie Supreme-Sized Patch Cards
All-New! Rookie Autograph Jumbo Patch Refractor Card
All-New! Platinum Die Cut Cards

2 On-Card Autographed Rookie Refractor Cards* (* Multi Autograph Card Will Replace On-Card Autograph Card)
1 Autograph Refractor Patch Card
1 Refractor Rookie Card per Pack
Look for on-card RC autographs, RC patch autographs, dual RC patch autographs, jumbo RC patch autographs, veteran patch autographs and much, much more!!!
For more information on the case configuration, click here 2011 Topps Platinum Football Hobby 12 Box Case - $989.95 : Blowout Cards - Sports Cards and Trading Cards Wholesale Online Store

You may select a slot, if not, I'll just put you down on a open slot.

1) navydude21 -- $36 PAID
2) xxmudgexx -- $36 PAID
3) ksjackson115 -- $70 (2 slots) PAID
4) pico04 -- $36 PAID
5) notsublime -- $104 (3 slots) PAID
6) ksjackson115 -- $70 (2 slots) PAID
7) bcl1607 -- $36 PAID
8) reddeer -- $70 (2 slots) PAID
9) YanksBillsFan -- $70 (2 slots) PAID
10) badsims -- $36 PAID
11) notsublime -- $104 (3 slots) PAID
12) tman -- $104 (3 slots) PAID
13) armyatc22 -- $36 PAID
14) grasshopper -- $70 (2 slots) PAID
15) dtrainman -- $36 PAID
16) jeremyhli -- $36 PAID
17) tman -- $104 (3 slots) PAID
18) Jnb0123 -- $36 PAID
19) moestavern10 -- $36 PAID
20) vikingcollect -- $36 PAID
21) bk21yadigg -- $36 PAID
22) Prospect_Man -- $36 PAID
23) grasshopper -- $70 (2 slots) PAID
24) notsublime -- $104 (3 slots) PAID
25) jpitten -- $36 PAID
26) reddeer -- $70 (2 slots) PAID
27) YanksBillsFan -- $70 (2 slots) PAID
28) tman -- $104 (3 slots) PAID
29) hester72598 -- $104 (3 slots) PAID
30) sportsamerica -- $36 PAID
31) hester72598 -- $104 (3 slots) PAID
32) hester72598 -- $104 (3 slots) PAID


1) Gohansmy
2) spookowl1004
3) lrogge1979

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