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Default Found Closet box hidden, HUGE SUPRISE !!!!!

I am so stoked , to my amazement found this last night in a box I found in the back on one of my closets

box also had a bunch of baseball vintage I have been looking for a long time, nothing spectacular a couple a mantles form 69 and 70 off the grading they go lol

but it was this I completely forgot about , I knew I had a couple but thought all was already in my safe deposit box , so I guess I have 4 of them now one is a silver version ,
if anyone had the gold version lmk !!!! lol yeah right I have been looking for the gold since 2002 lol

Gonna be cleaning the space above the garage soon , I am hoping to find more stuff

Tell me if you think I should get it graded , is it off centered bad ?

I Reserve the right to sell or trade to who I want,
If you have less than 50 feedbacks I might ask you to send first
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