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Originally Posted by RITM View Post
Didn't you say he sent via PayPal? If he did, it is your responsibility to make sure that the address is accurate. If he sent to an address listed on your PayPal account I cannot see how he is accountable here. When I moved I forgot to change my primary shipping address and was fortunate the situation worked out. That was on me.

Sometimes it is impossible to put definitive blame on one of the involved parties. I have been there as a shipper and as the person receiving. As a shipper I have sent things to confirmed addresses only to have the USPS deliver an item to the wrong address. This includes insured items sent with DC. Between moves I had items sent to a family member. The mail carrier was notorious for delivering things to the wrong address. I had three incoming items (all insured with DC) delivered to the wrong address. Of course the USPS says the item was delivered. Fortunately for me when I spoke to the local Postmaster she realized something was wrong. She personally contacted others in the area, confirmed my story, and fixed the situation. I was also fortunate to have locals take the high road and get the mail to the correct address rather than keep what was not theirs.
Yes I did. He claimed he sent it to my PayPal address, however it wound up in a 98027 address! Regardless of whatever address he shipped to, the address the package actually arrived in is in a completely different zip code.

Originally Posted by The Card Album View Post
I am the seller. I will be happy to share my side of the story late tonight or early Monday as soon as I'm home and on my computer. I got wind of this last night and wanted to pop in. I'm posting from my phone while out of state for a wedding right now.
Please do! I sent you a PM, and I'm surprised you haven't made that your first priority to respond to it so we can figure things out.
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