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Honestly I think that's going to far..

"I own a card shop but i'd rather use your rgIII's and Andrew Lucks to "give to my nephew (stock my shelves)"

"I lost my prized cards due to a house fire but i'm still on ebay purchasing cards, and want some extra good cards" ? why is he on ebay? (I've heard this story a few different times as well from other forums and such..) um, save the money to replace things more important then cards..? (wait, did I just say more important then cards..? ) yes.. there is more important, but I love this hobby anyways.

and.. "Please include an extra toploader" honestly if someone asked me too I would, i'm a nice guy typically, and it's only 5-10 cents... but at the same time, it's only 5-10 cents or $2-3 to buy a pack of 20 at walmart even.. cheaper online.. Get your own?

These are just my thoughts, 1 maybe 2 of these stories are true, but I just can't buy it honestly.. I don't mean any rude-ness.. but those quotes are how I interpreted the emails you received..
"We Talking Bout Practice Man"
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