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Default Here we go again!!!!!!!

I am looking for some opinions here guys. Not trying to start a flame war.

This was a thread I made friday night. I clearly stated that payment was needed today. Two people respond saying they want this and they want that. I say fine. Then afterwards they both say they cant pay today. I try to give them the benefit of the doubt even though I clearly stated in the beginning of the thread that payment was needed today. The Pierre thomas guy said he would pay the next day and he did, so he has earned my respect. Here is where it gets intresting. Boston77yankees was on my ignore list but I saw that he posted something so I removed him from my ignore list. You can read for yourself in the thread that he said he could not pay until he deposited the money in his bank account. I tell him fine even though I could have said no. I send him a pm asking when I am gonna get paid. He says saturday. I have copies of all pms if needed. Saturday comes and goes and no payment. I send him a pm today asking for payment again no payment or response. And yes he has been on today. I have told 3 other people no when they inquired about the cards that boston77yankees wanted. Here is where I need some help. If I put the cards back up for sale could he give me a negative for backing out of the deal? And if I give him a negative for backing out of the deal will he be allowed to give me one back even though I did nothing wrong. I went out of my way to give this person more time to pay and this is what I have to deal with. Unreal. Thoughts please. And lets not turn this into a boston77yankees bashing thread. I am actually looking for feedback on how to proceed. Thanks for your time and sorry for the long read.
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