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Originally Posted by Brobocop View Post
Not that I think it would happen, but could you imagine Cryptozoic getting their hands on this one? On-card autographs, costume pieces, all that jazz? I think they could do a heck of a lot better job than Topps, Panini, or Upper Deck. A boy can dream, a boy can dream.

I can imagine it. However, I cannot imagine them locating enough money to make it even close. The sad part is, I believe the only competition could come in the form of... ugh... Panini. Who the heck else has the funds to purchase franchise rights to that property? Maybe Disney will keep it in house. It is convenient that Eisner, former CEO, owns Topps though...
Will 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 be the year Panini finds Marvin Harrison & Marcus Allen to sign their NFL's Greatest Signatures cards? Nearly a decade of complete failure and incompetence continues...
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