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I do custom sketch cards, but I won't draw something I'm not comfortable with.

Originally Posted by jeeptrader View Post
Now me asking for that inscription is in poor taste? Whose taste are we asking the opinion of? This girl spread her legs and posed nude! But that is in good taste of that is ok?
So just because she chooses to do what she does, that makes it ok for her to write something she feels is offensive?

If the issue is that it's taking too long, complain about that. If you feel you're out value because she won't sign what you want her to, ask for the redemption back or a new one that you can sell.

You said your complaint is that it took so long, but it sure looks like the problem is that she wouldn't sign what you wanted. If details aren't specified as to what they will sign, you do have a valid argument, take it up with the company before offering a second inscription choice.
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