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Default uh oh (Leaf Wrestling Scott Hall ink variations not really 1 of 1's???)

As many of you know, I own the Scott Hall red ink base variation card. I have been half interested, half not interested in moving it, due to the high price I paid for this card originally and wanting to do a red ink 1/1 set (though I prefer the alternate version which is what had me sort of interested in disposing of this red ink variation).

Today, I suddenly see on Ebay (you guessed it) another Scott Hall red ink base card encased in a PSA holder. I inquired of the seller how we could both have "1 of 1" cards and was told by this dealer that he bought a bunch of blank (unsigned cards) from Hall himself which Hall then signed for his company and PSA authenticated.

So in short, I am beyond upset about the money spent on this card. Who knows how many Hall red inks are now or soon will be floating around out there and I paid a substantial amount of money for a card based on a claim by Leaf that the Hall red ink was a 1 of 1 which it can no longer verify or back up.

This to me is outrageous in that Leaf allowed (or Scott Hall stole) copies of this card so now the Leaf print run stated on twitter for Hall ink variations is totally erroneous. Moreover, even the blue ink cards are now suspect as Hall may now have signed many more cards than were intended by Leaf for release. This also calls into question the print run of every other card by Leaf in this set, so ink variation owners be forewarned.

I have been in contact with Mr, Gray from Leaf and hope something positive will come of this, but feel the need to warn fellow blowout members that something is amiss with Leaf Wrestling. Perhaps cardcop was right all along about this product, which boggles the mind.
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