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That's fine for people who don't have a Hall yet (I suppose) if the market loosens up, but it's bad if you bought one already based on the perceived scarcity and it turns out after the fact there's a ton more even blue inks out there. This seller has sold several blue inks in the past as well and who know's how many times those changed hands. For me though, it is particularly bad in that I paid a substantial amount for, and supposedly invested in, a card the Leaf company itself told the world was a "one of one" card. The could be dozens of red inks out there now of the exact same card with no way of telling mine from any other copy. Who's to say other ink variant Leaf Originals aren't also aftermarket jobs but no one noticed because they weren't listed by Leaf as one of one's?

In any event, I have no idea what, if anything Leaf will be doing in regards to this situation. My last update was that Mr. Gray will be contacting Scott Hall. I don't know how that helps me or any other collector out there who may unknowingly have an aftermarket Hall and paid through the nose for it, but we will see. Again, this news is particularly bad for me as a holder and purchaser of a supposed "one of one" even if mine is in fact the original real deal. Now no one now has any reason to believe mine is the one inserted into boxes or that it's worth anymore than any other base background Hall, thereby cutting the value of my Hall down to who knows what.

By the way, here is the link to the auction. It was ended, but have no idea why.

Scott Hall Signed 2012 Leaf Originals Pro Wrestling Card PSA DNA COA Red Ink SH1 | eBay
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