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Originally Posted by SportsItUpCards View Post
Thank you

Looks like the op has been up to much more than just cutting sheets! Looks like he has colored cards with markers to make them appear in better condition, has tampered with vintage packs, and has been very shady in situations and then later sent back the same exact cards to the buyer just in different case holders(as for pm I received about him).

There is much more behind this guy then he cares to show. If he's done all these things, what else has he done that we don't know about?

I think it's time to honor him with his own thread, with his name in the title, and also post about these sheet cut Jambalayas, because the title on this thread does no one any justice... People need to know. Especially the costumes! They should be contacted from his eBay feedback's, because I bet most if them, if not all, have no idea these were sheet cut. So yeah, a separate thread with proper thread title needs to be made! Because as far as many are concerned, this thread is about a Jordan pmg. So that's why the op can just disappear and not worry about it.... He must think not many people will see this anyway due to the title of this thread. SMH
Should do this with Danny Gold.
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