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Default 2012 Bowman Signature 12 box case break

We are active. Order number is 164132

Payment can now be sent. My paypal info is

It is important that you put your user name and Bowman Signature in the message field. DO NOT PUT GROUP BREAK ANYWHERE IN THE MESSAGE.

The product is scheduled to release on May 30th. I'm making the deadline for payments May 15th. This gives everyone plenty of time to get the money in, but the sooner everyone pays, the sooner we can random.

Thank you

Product info:

Right now I’m making this a hit draft but if the majority want it to be a random hit break, I’ll change the format.

This is a hit draft break of a 12 box case of 2012 Bowman Signature Football. There will be 64 slots: 60 hit slots, 2 base slots (boxes 1-6 and 7-12) and 2 parallel slots (1-6 and 7-12). Any additional hits will be randomed off between all participants. Since this is a draft break, I reserve the right to join for a couple slots as well.

Once the break is filled and everyone has paid, a mod will random the list three times at Slot holder number one will have first pick of any of the hits, base slots or parallel slot. Pick two will have second choice and so on until all the picks are made. Please do not sell partial slots to people outside the break.

The case will be broken at a date to be determined and the draft will start the day after the break. The break will be live on and recorded for those who cannot watch it on break night.

Each card will be scanned and listed prior to the draft. Each person will have a half hour time limit to make their choice. If that time limit has passed and the choice has not been made, I will make the pick based on the most valuable card available in my estimation. I will make that list prior to the draft starting. If you do not feel like it is accurate enough for your liking and you think there is a chance that you will not be around for the draft, it will be on you to pm me a list of hits that you would like.

Also, the break will most likely happen on the Saturday of the week I get the case with the draft starting the following day. Depending on my work schedule (i.e. if I can bug out early enough) I might be able to break the case on the Friday of that week and then the draft would start on Saturday. I'll know more once we've paid up and the shipping info is given to me from Blowout. The draft clock will start at noon the day following the break and run until 10:00 that night (all times are central standard time, btw). It will pick up again the day after that at 10 am and run until 10 pm and so forth until all the picks have been made.

The CARNAGE!!!!!!!!!!

Default draft list:

Patrick Witt auto
Patrick Witt auto

Since there were two extra hits, we'll be randoming off the remaining cards (most likely the Witt autos) between all the participants.


1.45. barberromo2008: Trent Richardson Chrome auto
2.31. joestyl:Brock Osweiler RC auto red ink
3.36. Clarka3: Von Miller auto jersey card via pm
4.16. nickfromcwe (from SethMurphy): Boxes 10-12 base and inserts (Ruben Randle plate; Inserts of note: Luck/Cam Newton Combine, Doug Martin/David Wilson Combine; Base of note: Eli Manning, Stafford, Brady, Flacco; RCs of note: Floyd, Streeter, C. Rainey, Cousins, Luck, K. Moore variation SP, Kuechly)
5.62. bigboysoffootball: Boxes 1-3 base and inserts (Andre Johnson plate; Inserts of note: Luck/RG3 Combine, Mo Claiborne/Kirpatrick Combine; Base of note: Cam Newton, Julio Jones, Flynn in Seahawks uni, Romo; RCs of note: Jeffery, Quick, Richardson, Tannehill, Pead, David Wilson, Toon, Blackmon, K. Moore) via autopick
6.3. nickfromcwe (from SethMurphy (from duchie) - Brock Osweiler Chrome auto
7.4. reddeer -Doug Martin Chrome auto
8.20. dopespot187 - Nick Toon Chrome auto
9.49. nickfromcwe (from SethMurphy (from duchie) - Lamar Miller Chrome auto
10.54. GoBeavs - Isaiah Pead Chrome auto
11.7. jpitten - Kellen Moore Chrome auto
12.34. bigboysoffootball - Brian Quick Chrome auto
13.1. greenjdo- Bernard Pierce Chrome auto
14.22. nickfromcwe (from mrmike79 (from JOHNJOHNNY)-Boxes 7-9 base and inserts (Chris Johnson plate, some corner damage on cards from box 8; Inserts: Hill/Megatron Combine, Lamar Miller/C. Rainey Combine, Floyd/K. Wright Combine; base: Dalton, AJ Green, Adrian Peterson, Vincent Jackson Bucs uni, DeMarco Murray; RCs: Miller, Givens, Claiborne, Weeden, L. James, Russel Wilson, Doug Martin-corner damage)
15.5. nickfromcwe (from mrmike79)- David DeCastro auto
16.30. conquest1984 (from bizmark31)-Von Miller Inside the Numbers auto
17.29. nickfromcwe (from SethMurphy (from duchie)-Roy Helu auto jersey
18.48. mr_yoshi_san( from tradecardz)-Cyrus Gray Chrome auto
19.53. oldgoldy97 (from mr_yoshi_san)-Nick Foles auto
20.51. oldgoldy97 (from txmike)-Matt Kalil Chrome auto
21.33. greenjdo-Ronnie Hillman auto
22.2. oldgoldy97-Jarius Wright Chrome auto
23.38. mr_yoshi_san (from tradecardz)-Chris Rainey auto
24.15. Pdo138-Mark Barron auto redemption
25.19. greenjdo-Luke Kuechly Chrome auto
26.9. Pdo138- Devier Posey Chrome auto
27.23. barberromo2008- Kellen Moore auto
28.47. conquest1984 (from bizmark31)-Robert Turbin Chrome auto
29.59. GoBeavs-Nick Foles auto
30.28. mr_yoshi_san (from tradecardz)- Nick Toon auto via pm
31.55. conquest1984 (from bizmark31)- Chris Polk Chrome auto
32.52. bigboysoffootball-Ryan Broyles auto
33.14. dopespot187-Devier Posey auto
34.25. bigboysoffootball- Tommy Streeter Chrome auto
35.6. Pdo138- Dre Kirkpatrick auto redemption
36.43. bigboysoffootball -Coby Fleener auto via pm
37.27. nickfromcwe (from ld8759)-Jerel Worthy auto via pm
38.26. Pdo138- Chris Givens Chrome auto
39.58. dopespot187- Luke Kuechly Chrome auto
40.60. oldgoldy97- TY Hilton Chrome auto
41.32. nvious23- Marvin McNutt Chrome auto
42.21. oldgoldy97 (from mr_yoshi_san)-Joe Adams Chrome auto
43.64. dopespot187- Jeff Fuller Chrome auto
44.18. joestyl-Case Keenum auto
45.63. barberromo2008-Greg Childs auto
46.40. oldgoldy97-Devon Still Chrome auto
47.46. nvious23- Jermaine Kearse Chrome auto
48.13. nvious23-Joe Adams auto
49.57. nickfromcwe (from ld8759)-Robert Turbin auto
50.11. nickfromcwe (from ld8759)-Jacory Harris Astroturf auto (minor ding on right edge)
51.17. oldgoldy97 (from mr_yoshi_san)-Case Keenum auto
52.41. oldgoldy97 (from txmike)-Marvin McNutt auto
53.44. conquest1984- Ryan Lindley auto redemption
54.39. conquest1984 (from bizmark31)-Melvin Ingram auto
55.10. DMOneyHOE-Case Keenum auto
56.50. nickfromcwe (from SethMurphy)-Bo Levi Mitchell Astroturd auto
57.24. DMOneyHOE- Melvin Ingram auto
58.42. nickfromcwe (from mrmike79)- Chandler Harnish auto
59.37. reddeer- Dontari Poe auto
60.35. dopespot187 (from wkevinn)- Jermaine Kearse auto
61.12. barberromo2008- Jacory Harris auto
62.56. GoBeavs- Juron Criner auto
63.8. oldgoldy97 -Boxes 4-6 base and inserts (inserts: Poe/Suh Combine, RG3/Cam Combine, Mo Claiborne/P. Peterson Combine; Base: A. Rodgers, D. Ware, V. Cruz, Welker, Arian Foster; RCs: Fleener, K. Wright, Ruben Randle, S. Hill, Foles, Posey)
64.61. nvious23-Chandler Harnish auto

Current case price is $1,484.99. So 1484.99/64=23.20

26.20 a slot with shipping and supplies ($3.00 includes delivery confirmation.)

Paypal fees $1.06 (26.20*.029 +.30=1.06)

So $27.25 for the first slot, $26 for additional slots

Here are the total slots and amounts due. Those in red have paid.

tradecardz 79.25
bigboysoffootball 131.25
bizmark31 105.25---payment pending
Pdo138 105.25
barberromo2008 79.25+26 for additional slot + duchie 79.25
GoBeavs 79.25
mr_yoshi_san 79.25
nvious23 79.25 + 26 for additional slot
DMOneyHOE 53.25
dopespot187 53.25+ $52 for additional slots
joestyl 53.25
ld8759 53.25 + 26 for additional slot
oldgoldy97 53.25+$52 for additional slots
reddeer 53.25
SethMurphy 53.25
txmike 53.25
conquest1984 27.25
greenjdo 27.25 +$52 for additional slots
mrmike79 27.25+ 26 for additional slot
wkevinn 27.25
jpitten 27.25
Clarka3 27.25

1. greenjdo
2. oldgoldy97
3. duchie
4. reddeer
5. mrmike79
6. Pdo138
7. jpitten
8. oldgoldy97
9. Pdo138
10. DMOneyHOE
11. ld8759
12. barberromo2008
13. nvious23
14. dopespot187
15. Pdo138
16. SethMurphy
17. mr_yoshi_san
18. joestyl
19. greenjdo
20. dopespot187
21. mr_yoshi_san
23. barberromo2008
24. DMOneyHOE
25. bigboysoffootball
26. Pdo138
27. ld8759
28. tradecardz
29. duchie
30. bizmark31
31. joestyl
32. nvious23
33. greenjdo
34. bigboysoffootball
35. wkevinn
36. Clarka3
37. reddeer
38. tradecardz
39. bizmark31
40. oldgoldy97
41. txmike
42. mrmike79
43. bigboysoffootball
44. conquest1984
45. barberromo2008
46. nvious23
47. bizmark31
48. tradecardz
49. duchie
50. SethMurphy
51. txmike
52. bigboysoffootball
53. mr_yoshi_san
54. GoBeavs
55. bizmark31
56. GoBeavs
57. ld8759
58. dopespot187
59. GoBeavs
60. oldgoldy97
61. nvious23
62. bigboysoffootball
63. barberromo2008
64. dopespot187

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