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Originally Posted by BlueShirts View Post
This is true. My problem with it is this, from past experience in my breaks not many people want their base and only a few do. What ends up happening is that I have to dish out my own money to cover shipping. Yes maybe I should calculate it in with the price of the slot but why should the majority pay for something they don't want. I could maybe raise the price for the people who do want their base or maybe just sell the base sets for the price it costs to ship them to you. This is just my knowledge from past breaks I ran. If it was a product like sp game used or ultimate than I wouldn't have a problem sending base.
Simple solution. Most of us DON'T want the base. Simply subsidize the individuals who do with those who do. On average, it'll break around even. Moreover, if you're truly short a buck or two to ship, after that, I'm sure the person requesting the base will pay it!
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