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Originally Posted by neema View Post
Ok so I sent out this to nadeauman33
Guerrieri Purple 06/10 BGS 9.5/10
Guerrieri Orange 06/25 BGS 9.5/10
Guerrieri Gold Chrome raw auto
The cool thing from all this is if those cards ever show up I would know they were mine since they are serial numbered 06, REAL COOL RIGHT>?
It was not insured, but had DC and Sig Confirmation.
The issue was that the item was brought to his address but then was returned to the Post Office on his request so he can pick it up there. Sure enough the item goes missing during that transition. Now the Post Office states it is lost or Stolen. Is there anything I can do?
Here is the Tracking info
9402 1096 9993 8176 0020 38
I'm confused by the "returned" on his request. You mean they just left the sign card in his mailbox and then he never actually went to get it? If he didn't sign for it and it never made it back to the PO then yes that is ridiculous. I'm am personally appalled and hurt at the loss of my former orange beauty, 6/25

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