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I too am fuzzy on the returned to the post office at his request. Did he tell you this? I only ask because I had a card that showed up on the tracking website as out for delivery at about 10 am. By 11 pm that night, the card still had not been delivered. Even made a thread about it on here. Oddly enough the card showed up in my mailbox the next day. Just saying. It may be delivered tomorrow and all problems solved.

****Never mind. You posted your response as I was typing mine. At this point, I would definately say it was his fault. If my 700 dollar package comes anywhere near my hands it's not getting away. Be damned what the wife thinks. Mine doesn't know jack about cards and I will keep it that way if at all possible. Hopefully it is found at the post office after being misplaced somewhere. I don't see them delivering it to another address unless they mistakenly thought he said return it and it ends up back at your house. Think positive. Keep us updated.
Looking for Nolan Ryan and Evan Longoria.
Also interested in HOF autos/relics and vintage HOF cards.

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