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Just read that Eagles fans were holding a Vikings fan down and taking turns peeing on him before the game. Absolutely disgraceful.

So that brings the tally to (from videos I've seen, news stories I've read, and stories across social media that have been posted):

-Throwing unopened beer cans at Vikings fans (one hitting a 4 year old child)
-Shouting vulgar words at Vikings fans and making sexual assault remarks at female Vikings fans
-Jumping Vikings fans before the game
-Throwing batteries at Vikings fans before the game and during the game, busting some fans open
-Threatening Vikings fans with baseball bats and one fan getting struck with a bat in the back while with his 9 year old
-Eagles fans fighting police prior to the game
-Throwing batteries/beer at the Vikings team bus as it attempted to leave the stadium
-Philadelphia PD not helping Vikings fans when asked, but instead made remarks about "how we need a real QB" and then walking away laughing
-Holding a Vikings fan down and taking turns peeing on him prior to the game
-Making an inappropriate sign about a 100 year old grandma after the game

Despite that, Minnesota fans have STILL set up a GoFundMe campaign for under priveldges children in Philadelphia, with the goal of $38,000.

Overall, Incredibly classless from Eagles fans and why I believe that 99% of Eagles fans do not deserve a Super Bowl title. Absolutely disgusting acts by those in Philadelphia. This is why I am pulling for the Patriots to win, even though I absolutely despise them and Brady.
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