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Originally Posted by CC_123 View Post
Take the time to do a little searching yourself. I am on my phone and I am not going to sit and try to link everything. Twitter is a useful tool to find some of this information!

We have videos of fans getting batteries and unopened beers thrown at them (I am certain this happened to EVERY Vikings fan that walked through), we have video of the Eagles fans throwing beers and batteries at the Vikings bus and not allowing it to move, we have videos of Vikings fans getting jumped in the parking lot and verified accounts speaking of how they were also jumped in bathrooms, we have pictures of fans busted open from batteries/beers thrown at them, we have several stories of female fans being threatened with sexual assault, we have stories of fans spitting and pouring beer on Vikings fans (one of them Josh Duhamel, and this shouldn't be surprising considering we have videos of Eagles fans pouring ketchup/mustard/beer on a Cowboys fan earlier this season), we have a video of them taunting a 100 year old life long fan, and we have news stories about Eagles fans fighting the PD again, among other things. All of that occurred so what makes you believe more than that couldn't have happened? Its not that far fetched with how classless they were acting in masses.

Also, it doesn't matter if it was only one of those things or all of those things that happened, it shouldn't have occurred. Its absolutely classless and disgusting to treat another human being like that because they align with a different franchise than you. That is what's wrong with the world. In the end it is entertainment and people need to not take it so serious.
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