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Hey guys, as you can tell by my user name I am obviously a huge DROB fan. Growing up I collected 1993-94 Upper Deck and Fleer along with my brother during the mad basketball card craze that swept Australia in the early-mid 90s. From there I collected mainly AFL (Aussie Football) and then had a hiatus until 6 years ago when I made my way back into the hobby.

Being an avid golf fan at the time I collected Upper Deck Golf for a few years and a bit of NBA and NHL thrown in for good measure. Collecting AFL and NRL (Rugby League) became a priority but eventually the lack of quality from our local card suppliers was enough to make me run for the hills and return to the best designed cards aka US sports.

I collect David Robinson, Kawhi Leonard, Marc-Andre Fleury, Casey Hayward, Tim Tebow as my PC players and I also am going after the master sets of 2012-13 Select and 2012-13 NHL Rookie Anthology.

I am starting my own online business called Dynasty Sports Central and sports cards will be one of the lines as I look to grow the hobby nationally and worldwide. The business will go online in early May so keep an eye on with extremely competitive postage worldwide!
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