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Default 2013 Marvel Fleer Retro Trading Cards

Sounds like it could be pretty hot. Here is the write-up from Cardboard Connection:

The Fleer and Marvel brands have a rich history together. At one point, they were part of the same company. While the two have gone in different directions over the last 15 years, they are reunited for 2013 Marvel Fleer Retro. The release offers several familiar designs, both with comic card collectors and sports fans.

2013 Marvel Fleer Retro comes with a pack configuration similar to those used in basketball, baseball, football and hockey. Each hobby box has two ten-pack mini boxes. Each pack has five cards.

The 2013 Marvel Fleer Retro base set has 60 cards. It highlights both the heroes and the villains of the Marvel Universe. Similar to 2012 Upper Deck Marvel Premier, the base set has a sketch card variation that's inserted one per box. There is also a base set autograph parallel that falls one per mini box.

Bringing the Retro are several basic inserts based on Marvel base sets from the early 1990s. 1990 Impel Marvel Universe, 1991 Impel Marvel Universe and 1992 Marvel Universe III all appear. Give the size of the industry at the time, these are some of the most recognizable Marvel trading card sets of all-time. Other basic inserts borrow from the 1994 Fleer Ultra and 1995 Marvel Metal sets. These inserts fall one per pack. The Marvel Universe cards also have rare autographed versions.

Some of the hottest Fleer Retro cards have been the Precious Metal Gems. Collectors now have a chance to chase PMGs of Spider-Man and the Avengers. Precious Metal Gems combine to fall one per hobby box. Red PMGs are numbered to 100. Blue cards are numbered to 50. Green PMGs are once again the rarest, limited to 10 copies each.

2013 Marvel Fleer Retro also has a long list of 1990s inserts that combine to fall two per mini box. While some should be familiar with those that collected Marvel cards during Fleer/SkyBox days, some are being transferred over from sports cards. Here's a list of what's included:
  • Holograms 1:80 packs
  • Intimidation Nation 1:30 packs
  • Jambalaya 1:200 packs
  • Metal Hardware 1:60 packs
  • Metal Universe Ti-22 1:40 packs
  • Power Blast 1:33 packs
  • Quick Strike 1:40 Packs
  • Ultra Stars 1:40 packs

Every 2013 Marvel Fleer Retro mini box also has a pair of stickers. In addition, collectors can find additional sketch cards (1:44 packs) and Printing Plates.

Estimated Release Date: 8/15/13
Product Configuration: 20 packs per box, 5 cards per pack
Price Point: High-End Entertainment Card
Target Audience: Comic Card Collectors, Marvel Fans, Nostalgic Card Collectors

2013 Marvel Fleer Retro Box Break
  • 1 Sketch Card
  • 2 Autographs
  • 4 Inserts
  • 4 Stickers
  • 1 Precious Metal Gems Card
  • 20 Retro Cards
  • 100 Total Cards

Pack Configuration
  • 5 cards per pack
  • 10 packs per mini-box
  • 2 mini-boxes (20 packs) per hobby box

Base Set (60 Cards, 3-4 per pack)
Randomly inserted printing plates

Base Sketch Cards (1:20 packs, 1 per hobby box)

Base Autographs (1:10 Packs, 2 per hobby box)

1990 Impel Marketing Design (1:6 packs)
Randomly inserted autographed cards (1:576 packs)

1991 Impel Marketing Design (1:7.5 packs)
Randomly inserted autographed cards (1:720 packs)

1992 Impel Marketing Design (1:10 packs)
Randomly inserted autographed cards (1:960 packs)

Holograms (1:80 packs)

Intimidation Nation (1:30 packs)

Jambalaya (1:200 packs)

Metal (3.5:10 packs)

Metal Hardware (1:60 packs)

Metal Universe Ti-22 (1:40 packs)

Metal Universe S5 Power Blast (1:33 packs)

Power Blast (1:30 packs)

Precious Metal Gems Red (1 per box, numbered #/100)

Precious Metal Gems Blue (numbered #/50)

Precious Metal Gems Green (numbered #/10)

Quick Strike (1:40 packs)

Sketch Cards (1:44 packs)

Ultra Stars (1:40 packs)

Ultra X-Men (1:4 packs)

I will add more information about signers, sketch card artists, and insert sets as we dig it up.
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