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Originally Posted by Spider-Fan View Post
I think that is a very 'sketch collector' attitude, verses an all around 'non-sports' or 'comic' collector attitude. Personally, I hated those folded sketch cards and had no interest in breaking that product. However, I did pick up a bunch of base sketches (an idea I loved and am glad to see return).

What are they smoking? hmmm... Upper Deck Marvel Beginnings: $200 gets you roughly 3 boxes at MSRP, per odds - 1 sketch, a bunch of comic inserts (4 or 5), and a whole lot of base/subset cards, but not a complete set unless there is absolutely perfect collation on the die-cuts and foils. Pretty consistent. I suppose they are smoking the same thing they've been smoking for the past 2 years. But I'm happy to hear what I'm missing in this comparison.
Yeah, it's definitely a sketch collector attitude.

But, it's also common sense. Comic cards don't have rookies, character autographs, or game-used memorabilia. UD is definitely smoking something if they think they can charge ~$200 for a single panel sketch and "comic" inserts.

From what I've seen Marvel Beginnings has been very borderline from a value perspective and most seem to wait until D&A/Blowout/etc. lower box prices closer to the norm of ~$50. This Retro set is in an entirely different league. It's a cool idea and might see initial success (similar to IM3) but depending on the production run, box prices will plummet, imo, and subsequent runs will not work without some huge value added like multi-panel sketches while also being a limited run.

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