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Default Dinner with Peyton Manning last night

Actually it was a benefit dinner that Peyton was the speaker at, but it was really cool to get to hear him outside of the structured world of football interviews. He really is an engaging person who is a really good speaker. Spoke for about an hour on topics ranging from Papa Johns and SNL to his views on being successful in life. Then did a Q&A where de discussed many things like who the hardest hitter he ever faced was and when is retirement coming among other things. Hardest hitter: Ray Lewis (said he sent flowers to his retirement party). Retirement: he said when he stopped enjoying playing he would be ready to give it up, but he still enjoys the challenges and is having fun. I knew with the crowd there that there was going to be no chance at him signing anything, BUT it was interesting that he signed a Broncos helmet and the group auctioned it off after the dinner. The person who bought it paid over $8,000.00 for it. I was going to be in for about $500, but the bidding started at $1000. Bummed I did not get my jersey signed, but after meeting Adrian Peterson last week at a charity event, this was a really cool event.
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